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OMCS was founded by Amy Enticknap with the aim to provide essential communication skills coaching and to give the best chance possible to those wanting a successful medical career. Amy has developed a tried and tested methodology for helping students, trainees and professionals from all over the world.

Amy Enticknap - Medical Communication Skills Coaching | Oxford, UK | OMCS

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Amy Enticknap

BA (Hons) Drama and Theatre Studies

Roehampton University, London

Post-graduate Diploma in Acting

The Oxford School of Drama

Post-graduate Foundation course in Drama Therapy

Roehampton University, London

Amy has been a professional actor for over 18 years, she has over 20 years teaching experience and specifically 12 years experience in communication skills coaching, facilitation and roleplay work in the medical sector - working in top medical schools in the UK. She has worked as a medical role-player for over a decade at Oxford University and Imperial College London. Her experience also includes roleplay and communication skills training for GPs, midwifes, nurses, surgeons, psychiatrists and occupational therapists. 


Currently a visiting communications skills consultant at the University of Buckingham Medical School, Amy’s role includes leading sessions as well as co-teaching with GPs in delivering the CSFC course to first year medical students. Her role also includes sourcing and managing a team of actors, delivering seminars, facilitation and role-play. In addition to this she co-tutors with Dr Roger Harrington in providing sessions for individual students with specific additional needs.

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