We help you develop the skills and confidence needed to succeed as a medical professional

Coaching Options

Hourly 1-to-1 sessions tailored to your requirements. Each coaching option also includes a FREE 30 mins consultation

10% off all coaching plans!

Option 1

£250 Save 10%
  • 30 mins FREE consultation
  • x1 coaching session

Option 2

£675 Save 10%
  • 30 mins FREE consultation
  • x3 coaching sessions

Option 3

£1885 Save 10%
  • 30 mins FREE consultation
  • x4 coaching sessions
  • x2 one hour sessions with Amy & a medical professional

How Our Coaching Works

We start the OMCS coaching process with a complimentary 30 minute online consultation to discuss your needs and aims, so we can formulate individually tailored sessions just for you.

As a professional actor, your coach Amy believably conveys various patients of differing mental states for a full range of real life medical scenarios. She will analyse your communication skills and offer detailed, specific feedback.

This tailored approach will continue by Amy bringing roleplay scenarios to each hourly session for you to practise with her. She will roleplay the variety of patients needed and after each one she will come out of role to give you feedback. Amy will then discuss the areas you’d like to focus on in the next sessions and bring further suitable scenarios.

Who is This Coaching For?

4th year Medical Student - Medical Communication Skills Coaching | Oxford, UK | OMCS

Medical School Applicants

We will help you develop the communications skills needed to pass your entrance exam (MMIs) to successfully gain a place to study at medical school in the UK.

5th year Medical Student - Medical Communication Skills Coaching | Oxford, UK | OMCS

Medical Students

We support students with their communication skills throughout their degree course, in particular with help targeting examinations such as OSCEs.

Young female nurse with clipboard - Medical Communication Skills Coaching | Oxford, UK | OMCS

Medical Professionals

We help professionals who find certain aspects of the job a challenge e.g. ‘breaking bad news’ or dealing with ‘angry and aggressive’ patients.

What's Covered In Our Coaching Sessions

  • Confidence-building

  • Non-verbal communication and active listening

  • Voice projection and vocal clarity, including improvements in voice modulation and tone

  • Body language, posture and facial expression

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