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Unlocking Effective Communication

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OMCS provides tailored one-to-one communication skills coaching in a friendly, non-judgmental and encouraging environment, to give you the skills and confidence you need to succeed in your chosen medical career.

Our coaching sessions are focused around using roleplay scenarios to develop your communication skills in a realistic and believable environment, whilst keeping the experience relevant and fun. Coaching is provided either in person (UK only) or online, so you can be anywhere in the world to benefit from our sessions.

If you're thinking of applying to medical school in the UK; you're a current medical student with exams to pass; or a qualified medical professional who finds communication with patients and/or colleagues challenging, then this coaching is ideal for you.

Whatever your focus or speciality within the medical sector, OMCS can help you unlock effective communication and enable you to succeed as a medical professional in the UK.

Why Choose OMCS?

  • Bespoke coaching sessions

  • Effective communication

  • Roleplay

  • Online coaching

  • Experiential learning

  • Direct feedback

  • A fun way to learn

  • One-to-one (no groups)

  • Bespoke coaching sessions

  • Effective communication

  • Roleplay

  • Experiential learning

  • Direct feedback

  • A fun way to learn

  • Online coaching

  • One-to-one (no groups)

Who is This Coaching For?

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Medical School Applicants

We will help you develop the communications skills needed to pass your entrance exam (MMIs) to successfully gain a place to study at medical school in the UK.

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Medical Students

We support students with their communication skills throughout their degree course, in particular with help targeting examinations such as OSCEs.

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Medical Professionals

We help professionals who find certain aspects of the job a challenge e.g. ‘breaking bad news’ or dealing with ‘angry and aggressive’ patients.

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1-to-1 Tailored Coaching Sessions

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In person

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The Importance of Good Communication

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“Newly qualified doctors must be able to communicate effectively, openly and honestly with patients, their relatives, carers or other advocates, and with colleagues, applying patient confidentiality appropriately”

General Medical Council's “Outcomes for Graduates” 2018

“I would definitely recommend sessions with Amy. It’s helped build my confidence, I used to be very shy but I really learnt a lot about myself. ”


Medical Student

I've learnt a lot of skills in my sessions with Amy. I now have a foundation in effective communication which will serve me well into the future.


Medical Student

What the Professionals say

“I have no hesitation in recommending Amy as a coach who will be able to help any healthcare professional who wishes to develop and improve their skills. I have no doubt that at the end of any session with Amy, the client will go away with enhanced confidence and the ability to be a better communicator.”

Dr. Roger Harrington


“I’ve worked with Amy for many years teaching communication skills to medical students, learned predominantly through role-play. Her enthusiasm, versatility and good humour act as a tremendous foundation to support the imperative for medics to develop sound, sensitive and confident communication skills.”

Dr. Rachel Starer


“I have worked with Amy for over 10 years. I have co-tutored communication skills sessions with her at Oxford School of Medicine as well as co-run student examination stations. I have always found her extremely talented with acting and tutoring. She offers insightful and helpful comment and brings a fresh zest to the sessions. I highly recommend her and her work.”

Dr. Ruth Wilson


1-to-1 Coaching Options

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